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We provide creative storage solutions which are essential for the smooth running of your school, offering flexibility and maximising space.  From teacher walls to music instrument storage we can design and manufacture the ideal solution for any storage need whatever the available space.


Bespoke Storage Solutions

With space often at a premium and both staff and pupils needing security and safety for their possessions, we can design and install bespoke storage solutions that help to keep educational areas neat, tidy and secure.  We will work with you to create efficient storage wall systems, media walls or bespoke lockers in any educational environment.  Our design-led approach and installation enables us to create a solution tailored to meet you individual needs.


Teaching Walls

Teacher Walls, also referred to as Teaching Walls, Media Walls and Learning walls – are a new system of classroom organisation that can revolutionise the way you teach. These sleek, modular systems can be tailor made to suit your exact requirements to incorporate cupboards, shelving, trays, smart boards and touch screens. They can be configured to meet the technology and practical requirements of any learning space.


Many schools and colleges are now installing these walls as they not only organise your classrooms, but can be installed very quickly, reducing building costs of new or refurbished teaching spaces.  These units can be used free standing or can be installed against a wall. In some cases they can be used as a divider between different workspaces. The teacher wall provides all the classroom needs in one tidy and secure space.





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